Frank Gutierrez

Frank g

"When I first started my mission at NYSC, This man Gabe Perea put me on the right path and i never looked back. 138 pounds lost later closer to my goal" -Frank Gutierrez

Leah Molino

"I used to always think that to get skinny i had to do tons of cardio and starve myself dieting. Gabe taught me to trust the process of strength training and eating frequent healthy meals. I've never looked back, I love my life and i barely even do cardio now. Weightlifting is where it is at!"-Leah Molino

Pete Montalvo

Pete M

"I lost 20 pounds and 10% body fat in three months. Any of my close friends can tell you it took a lot of hard work. But it was worth it. I am in the best shape of my life and I feel great. There are so many people to thank since I had two surgeries last year and have come a long way to recover from both of them. I thank Gabriel Perea!!! He gave me my nutrition and workout plan. I followed it, he checked on me every week and I sent him these progress photos. Reach out to him if you're interested at all in getting in better shape. He knows his stuff! No matter where you are in your fitness journey, even if it's non-existent, you have the ability to change. Nothing is impossible #gfitperformance @petemontalvo" -Pete Montalvo

Victor Quezada


"For quite some time I have wanted to work with Gabe but the timing and other things barred me from asking him to be my coach. Nonetheless, it was always in the back of my mind. Finally I decided to move forward and give it a shot. He didn't disappoint. Any questions no matter when or what I had to ask he is there to answer them ALL! Takes time from his personal life sometimes to answer questions to his best knowledge. The closer it got to show time the more I harassed him but... There he was still answer what was asked. Gabe is a true professional and I still will work with him on improving my physique. It's only upwards from here! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, to the up most recommend him if you want to not necessarily have to compete bit just want to feel great and get into better shape with yourself. With all that comes a better lifestyle, different way of thinking. Your whole state of mind shifts for the better! I can't thank Gabe enough!" -Victor Quezada

Rachel Miller



Rich Sanchez

"I've been very happy with my results and would like to thank Gabe for his help throughout the process. Attached are the images from week 12. I've been using a lot of the knowledge I've gained from Gabe in my diet and workouts and will continue to do so moving forward. I appreciate the help brotha! I'll be sure to refer any of my friends to Gabe if they are looking for some improvements as well." -Rich Sanchez

Jonathan Pelts

"I am just over half way through Gabe's program and i have the say, the biggest learning curve is that bodies are shaped in the kitchen and molded in the gym. What you eat significantly impacts your training. My goal coming into the program was to become more muscular and toned. I can tell a huge difference in definition and 'jackedness' if that is even a word. I have tried several other diets and programs but this balance and having Gabe's guidance of which levers to push or pull back on are very helpful. I highly recommend Gabe and trust his insights. @pelts07" -Jonathan Pelts

Rachael Jean

rachel j 1

"Before and after only 3.5 weeks of crushing it with Gabriel Perea. If anybody is looking for a trainer or even an online program this guy is a genius." - Rachael Jean

Erica Halpern

"I don't know about you but I live for leg days and staying in shape. Every now and then I need some extra motivation and good kick in the butt! I love Gabe's workouts, they are always hard and challenging. I don't necessarily enjoy the day after when i can barely move but it reassures me that Gabe's workouts always get me the results I want."-Erica Halpy

Dana Valentino-Brewer

10 pounds lost in 6 weeks!

"Thanks for all the tips, myth busting, and guidance. It was awesome to see how much of a change I could make with most of my focus on my diet. Now that the wedding is done and m life can get back to normal I'm going to keep some of the core principles you taught me in play and give those awesome workouts you wrote me a serious shot!"         -Dana Valentino-Brewer

Mark S. Kolta

"Gabe from diet on... knows the science of muscle. From the inner chemical workings, to the nutrition, to the targeted labor. This is the guy to ask. The Dr. Phil of brawn, GFIT keepin it G" - Mark S. Kolta

Angelo Gage


"Coached by Gabe Perea you only need 1 hour a day, a good diet, and routine. You're not made to type all day."- Angelo Gage

Efrain Jackson


"ARMageddon completed!! Went through some intense arm workout today thanks to this crazy brolic beast Gabe Perea!! Felt like I actually grew some arms today. Thanks for the workout sesh bro dog!!" -Efrain Jackson

 Michael Brenner


"Just crushed your shoulder workout!! Thanks for posting real deal shit that works. Much respect." - Michael Brenner


Tony Rosati

 "Wow. This workout was hard, mentally and physically exhausting. There were points on the ladders where my body wanted to just give up, my hands were crtamped, arms inflamed and all sorts of new veins were popping. That was a mental and physical battle. Loved the workout Gabe, thanks man." -Tony Rosati


Rock Rocco

"Your motivation, focused approach, and passion for what you do is truly inspirational. thanks for the guidance and help along the way."-Rock Rocco



"Holy cow. Dropped from 138.8 to 134.4 in two weeks!!!! So excited!!!! It's working from the inside out! LOVE IT! Thank you" - Client chose to remain anonymous however you can contact us at for more info

Laura Pino

 "Down 6lbs in 2 weeks and continuing to build muscle thanks to Gabe Perea workout and nutrition plan!" - Laura Pino