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3 Simple Ways To Love That Bacon

So I’ve been inspired by a recent meme that appeared on my Instagram feed earlier this evening. It was so honest, yet simple and hilarious that I had to repost it. Then it hit me. There is no reason why a health conscious person shouldn’t be able to enjoy some

crispy bacon as often as they like. It’s all about how you pair it and balance it with the rest of your meal! So here are 3 simple ways you can start enjoying bacon right now!

First we need to simply educate ourselves on the macros of bacon. A typical thick slice of bacon will yield 60 calories, 5g of fat, (2g saturated),0g of carbs, 4g of protein.. since we know we don’t want to overload on any one macro, the bacon will HAVE to be the fat portion of every meal you wish to incorporate it into. The 4g of protein is just a bonus.


  1. BREAKFAST – for lack of a better term, or meal 1; whether male or female you’re going to use egg whites for your protein, ezekial bread or a whole wheat bread for your sandwich (a wrap is ok too) and some hot sauce for flavor (or reduced sugar ketchup). Since this is meal 1 women can go up to 250 – 300 calories for this meal. Men can go 400 – 500 calories for this meal.
  2. LUNCH – Your classic BLT isn’t really that bad of an option if all your ingredients are fresh. Make it yourself at home and stick to again either ezekial bread or whole wheat. Skip the mayo and just use some deli mustard. If you’re really hungry add 3 ounces of chicken breast or turkey breast for women and 5 ounces for men.
  3. DINNER – I’m going to have to suggest my favorite on this one, bacon wrapped filet mignon, if you’re on a budget stick to a lean bird like turkey and make bacon wrapped turkey breast. Since this is such a high protein high fat meal and it is generally in the evening, your best bet is to eat this with fresh vegetables and no grains, or starches. Just some grilled or stir fried veggies with cooking spray and very lite on the salt!

Well I hope you enjoy one of these tasty crispy meals soon and remember to pick one a day!!!!! Don’t eat bacon at every meal! That’s the only catch =)

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