Don't Make Another New Years Resolution!

If you’ve been wanting to join a gym and start getting into shape, great! Go now.

If you’ve been wanting to start running outside, great! Start today!

If you’ve been wanting to start eating right and lose some weight, great! Start today.

Everytime you say you will start something on Monday, tomorrow, next week, next month, after the holidays, for new years resolution or for any reason what so ever that causes you to postpone starting that goal you’ve had for probably years now, is just an excuse.

Sorry, not sorry.

Take a look at my blog, probably the most bare bones website you’ve seen so far, you might say “Gabe, there are so many professionally done, customized fitness websites out there, maybe you should wait until you can afford hiring  a web designer”. Nonsense, that is an excuse. I will learn as I go and so will you.

Today’s actions are  tomorrow’s results. If you procrastinate today then you stagnate tomorrow.

It’s as simple as that my friends, So go run that mile, go join that gym and go buy that healthy cookbook with over a 1000 recipes…Today is the perfect time to ACT NOW!

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