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Get To the Gym Today 12/21/14! NO EXCUSES!

That featured image sure paints a stressful picture!

Don’t wait for the New Years resolution

Don’t wait for Monday

Don’t wait for after work

and certainly Don’t wait till after you’re done Christmas Shopping!


Wed is the 24th and Thursday is the 25th!

If you’re new to exercise this is where planning, being flexible and being pro-active will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in getting to your goals.

By now I’m sure you’ve reached the upper limits of how much holiday stress you can handle and I know of no better way then relieving that stress than by going to the gym. But you haven’t been all week last week and now you’re seriously in danger of completely missing another week. Since you know damn well you’re not going to the gym this Wednesday and Thursday, you’ve decided to ignore that little voice inside your head telling you you need to go to the gym. Instead you keep on saying to yourself “ugh i’m too busy, after the holidays, after new years, I swear I’ll get back on it!”


If you miss another week you risk LOSING ALL THE RESULTS you’ve gained so far. Do you really want to play catch up again? and again? and again it seems for most of us?

Getting through the holidays and still planning time for exercising is a MILESTONE. It is an accomplishment to be celebrated because we all know how much the holiday season drains us of our precious time! Remember this, if you pass this holiday test and still plan time for the gym, then you can bet your ass you will have a successful 2015!!!!

So here’s how you win this week,

If the program you’re on calls for at least 5 days at the gym, what do you do? You re-schedule your week and go Sunday through Tuesday, And Fri-Saturday and you can completely enjoy GUILT-FREE Wednesday and Thursday a Christmas full of food, wine, egg-nog and gift giving all knowing you still stayed on your plan for the week! Congratulations! You should be proud of yourself =)

You are know tougher mentally and fall prey to less excuses as to why you “don’t have time” to go to the gym.

P.S. Your best bet is to hit the Gym or workout Sunday 1st thing in the morning when you are fresh and not worn out from a day of running errands and last minute Christmas shopping!

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