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Hate Meal Prepping? So Don't....

HATE MEAL PREPPING? SO DON’T!!! Follow this cheat sheet to drop those extra pounds!

For many beginners out there, the idea of cooking pounds of chicken breast at a time and prepping fresh vegetables everyday just sounds like way too much work. And let’s be honest, even for the somewhat knowledgeable healthy eaters out there, cooking every single day or in bulk on Sundays just isn’t their top priority. For those of you who are total beginners or just will never care enough to step on a stage or even get “shredded bro” I wanted to share a list of my top 10 favorite foods that require ZERO prep time. Just grab, go and EAT! Although I am a “prepper” that still doesn’t mean I don’t need some quick fixes from time to time.

  1. Almonds – Always keep these in your arsenal. Natural raw almonds are natures perfect snack. They provide healthy fats, protein and fiber! Chow down my friends! And to be honest if you really are in a rush and don’t want to have to portion it out either, almonds are so clean that you can basically just eat them until your hunger goes away and I can almost guarantee you didn’t over eat in calories. This is because it is so well balance with all 3 nutrients that it satiates your hunger pains rather quickly. Just so you know however ¼ cup has roughly 180 calories and 1/3 cup has roughly 270 calories
  2. Apples – This a guilt-free “cheat” for me. Medium glycemic carbs, has some fiber and actually pretty low in carbs considering how much satisfaction you get from one medium sized green apple. Roughly 25g of carbs only, 4 of which are from fiber.
  3. Cottage Cheese – This is a no brainer.  If you haven’t heard of cottage cheese by now you’ve been living under a rock. Do yourself a favor and buy the “friendship” brand WHIPPED cottage cheese. This is an absolute game changer with smoother texture and overall pleasant mouthfeel. Just open the container and start eating. Get the plain flavor with 1% milkfat. This is your best bet for satiety AND clean eating.
  4. Greek Yogurt – Same as above, without the whipped variety of course. Greek yogurt is already a smooth creamy texture. I recommend throwing in a few almonds or sliced apples for satiety and flavor. Never buy “flavored” greek yogurt. Its all chemicals and sugar.
  5. Fresh Strawberries – Buy fresh whole strawberries, eat till your hearts content. They are so high in water you won’t consume enough in one sitting to put you in a calorie surplus.
  6. Blueberries – Almost same as above. I wouldn’t eat more than 2 cups in one sitting. stick to 1 , 1 and half max.
  7. Hard Boiled Eggs – Ok, so almost ALL supermarkets or convenience stores now offer and sell already hard boiled eggs. Usually in a two pack or six pack. This is a perfect no carb meal on the go!
  8. Natural Peanut Butter – Perfect for an INSTANT fix rushing between meetings, appointments, conference calls and running errands. Just load that table spoon up with an UNGODLY amount of peanut butter which will make you re-evaluate that measuring tablespoon used for most baking recipes and shove it right in your mouth. You’re welcome. Just make sure you don’t have to speak for at least 2 minutes after this. If you’ve never had a mouthful of natural peanut butter, you’ll know why after your first time trying this.
  9. Unsalted Mixed Nuts – For those who find almonds too boring… but watch your portions sizes with this… Definitely measure out your serving then walk away from the jar before starting to eat. Also chug plenty of water while eating this. This will help you feel full faster
  10. Packaged Pouch Tuna, No Drain Necessary – the cleanest meal on the go. Definitely also the blandest, keep some hot sauce or mustard with you and immediately follow with plenty of water and chewing gum for fresh breath after!

There you go guys! Hope this helps!


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