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I 'Only" Gained 10lbs This Holiday Season

i only gained 10 pounds

Ah and so it begins, I wrote this from inspiration which came to me in the form of an unassuming co-worker complaining about how much weight they always gain during the “holidays”.

The conversation consisted of all the usual quips and banter; “the turkey” “the stuffing” the wine” “the eggnog” and don’t forget all the delicious desserts! My family being Cuban, it’s always “the flan” damn that flan is good though. Anyways! I could do the exact same thing and join in and talk about how great my uncle’s PEANUT OIL DEEP FRIED TURKEY is. I mean that thing is one of the tastiest birds I’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring and savoring.

However here’s the interesting part about this whole holiday season business and gaining weight. Where does everyone get the idea its ok to blame the fact that they gained 10 or more lbs on the holidays?! Lets really think about that.

These “holidays” are actually 4 total days.

  1. Thanksgiving day
  2. Christmas eve
  3. Christmas day
  4. New years day

Okay so you say there’s more? lets stretch it out

  1. Thanksgiving eve
  2. Thanksgiving day
  3. Hanukkah 8days
  4. Christmas Eve
  5. Christmas Day
  6. New Years Eve
  7. New years Day

So even at your very worst you’re looking at about 14 days where you’re daily life is a bit out of the ordinary. What about the other 48 days that are in November and December when you subtract the holidays? You see what I just did there? I used my calendar and simple planning ahead to realize that the holidays is no reason to fall off your new found healthy and fit lifestyle! Sure its great to chow down on some turkey and mashed potatoes! Have two servings that day!

The point is though you have to remember come Monday and come all those normal days back on the calendar you’re a committed individual back on your fitness regimen! Don’t let the overflow of other people not on your same path drag you down into those holiday pounds with them. After all the Monday after Thanksgiving the boss expects you back to work! And you should hold yourself accountable to getting back into the gym and back to your healthy meals, which by the way are still tasty and delicious because you take the time to prepare them fresh! Leave the leftovers for those getting left behind in the wake of extra holiday pounds, you’re better than that!


here’s quick tip #002; if you really want to enjoy some of those delicious left overs you brought home from your family’s then save it for right after your workout on Monday, mentally you are earning that off schedule “cheat meal” and right after your workout is the best time to eat extra calories since most of it will go towards muscle recovery and not fat storage!



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