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Self Education; Don't face Plant Into Yet Another Fad Diet!

Quick! Name 5 popular diets;

the paleo diet

the atkins diet

the south beach diet

weight watchers system

and the zone diet just to name a few!

So which one of these is the best one? well go ahead what do you think? If you said The South Beach Diet you’re right! or if you said the Atkins diet or Zone Diet you might also be right too! You see the thing is here, all of these diets take a particular concept of fundamental nutritional knowledge and focus on only that piece of the puzzle. They claim their system is the best and only way to live long happy lean lives!

The point of me writing this today, after the feast of thanks giving yesterday (ironically) is that I WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND they all work to some degree because they are based on a little bit of actual nutritional science. But what are you going to do though when the weight stops coming off after 5 or 10lbs? Quit? Try A new Fad diet? or just starve yourself?

I hope its none of those. The best advice I can give you is to arm yourself with knowledge. Its not hard, you just need to learn some basic principles of nutrition and this way, you can after some trial and error learn to create diets that are catered to your tastes daily lives and you can stop constantly falling for all the trends out there that are usually just re-packaged re-marketed versions of an old diet.

I recommend starting as basic as possible and picking up a copy of “Nutrition for Dummies” by Carol Ann Rinzler 

I am in no way affiliated with this author or the book or amazon.com , I just believe in pointing people in the right direction. If you truly want to take action and control of your weight issues start here. You may find you are rather interested in the matters of nutrition and you may yourself become an expert one day!

taken from the description of the book from www.amazon.com-” Nutrition For Dummies is a one-size-fits-all guide to nutrition for anyone who may have fallen asleep in health class, wants to brush up on what they already know, or is looking to keep up-to-speed on the latest guidelines and research. It shows you how to manage your diet so you get the most bang (nutrients) for your buck (calories) and gives you the skinny on how to put together a healthy shopping list, how to prepare foods that are good for the body and soul, and ten easy ways to cut calories. * More than 20% new and updated information for this edition, including the truth about feeding your brain, vitamin D supplements, and energy drinks * Coverage of the new 2010 Dietary Guidelines For Americans report * Other titles by Rinzler: Controlling Cholesterol For Dummies” 


This book will be a great starting point for the average person looking to lose unhealthy bodyfat. Eventually if you are going to up your workout intensity then books geared more towards athletic nutrition will become best suited for your goals.

Now get to learning! Before you fall for another fad diet into plateaus and no results!


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