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Staying Motivated: 10 Ways to Stay Motivated At The Gym

So it’s happened, you’ve finally run out of steam.  All that drive, focus and intensity you had when you joined the gym is JUST GONE. What the hell happened? You keep wondering why you’re so de-motivated. The very thought of going to the gym has become grotesque. All you can think of is a million different things you’d rather be doing, and those options are looking pretty good right about now.




You see I’m willing to bet you that the reason you’ve gotten into such a funk is that you’ve hit a wall. What us fitness people call a plateau.  I’m here to tell you that’s OK. It is okay to be human, to feel tired, to feel uninterested, demotivated and even a little hopeless at times. BUT what seriously sets someone apart from those who will never get results is that they GO TO THE GYM ANYWAY…and their bodies reward them for it. Remember will power is a  mental muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets and the easier it is to consistently get to the gym. BUT, it is absolutely crucial to remember that it is OKAY TO NOT HAVE A GREAT WORKOUT EVERYTIME…in fact, EVEN IF IT’S A TREMENDOUSLY SHITTY WORKOUT ITS STILL BETTER THAN QUITTING!!! And that my friends is ultimately what will always make the difference in your long term success.



1) You’re going to need to have a role model. If you don’t already have a fitness role model, whether based purely on looks or actual athletic ability, the time is now to get one! Put their picture on the background of your phone, your tablet/laptop and constantly remind yourself that you are shooting for this ideal. Remember when you were a kid growing up we all had role models and tried our absolute hardest to copy them, this is no different! DO IT!

2) You need a worst case scenario. What I mean by this is you unfortunately also need to set a low point that YOU NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS WANT TO HIT. Set this point, acknowledge it and clearly put it in your mind that you’d rather walk on hot coals with your face than hit this low point. The idea is here we are using the fear of becoming so unfit and so dissatisfied with ourselves we are repulsed by the very possibility. Let this horrible version of you SCARE THE EVER LIVING LAZINESS OUT OF YOU and let it fuel that fire.

3) On days you’d rather drive straight home and make sweet sweet love to the couch just remember that the stupid couch is the very reason you’re in this mess in the first place. It’s like a bad/toxic relationship, break up with your couch. Write it a letter if you have to and keep it next to the couch or in your wallet.

4) Give yourself some leeway sometimes. So let’s say you really did have a long day at work, but you haven’t gone to the gym in days. You need to go. NO MORE procrastinating.  However you’re really not looking forward to being so damn sore tomorrow. Well you know what? Everyone once in a while its okay to have an easy workout. JUST SHOW UP. Don’t feel guilty for having a light day. Don’t beat yourself up, just go, get on the treadmill and walk. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less. Let yourself feel good about the fact that you actually showed up to the gym and were disciplined enough to go. Who knows tomorrow you may feel so motivated because of it you’ll end up really pushing yourself through a tough workout.

5) If you really are feeling run down, sleeping enough but still drained, or your workouts have been crap for a week straight then schedule time off. Alot of times people forget that every 12-16 weeks we should take anywhere from 1-2 weeks off. So purposely schedule this mini-vacation from all the working out  and enjoy your spare time for a week or two. You will feel refreshed and itching to get back into the gym to push yourself all over again!

6) Have a training partner or gym partner. If you haven’t already tried working out with someone then now is the time. You’d be surprised how much fun and motivating it is to have someone there with you and working out together. You will lift each other up and push each other on the days when one of you is feeling tired or de-motivated. A good training partner is someone right around your fitness levels with the same goals you have and should be able to push you harder than you can push yourself.

7) Have goal dates. Think of that wedding, vacation or any other specific calendar date that you know you want to look your best for! Having very specific deadlines is a great way to realize there really is no time to slack off!

8) Think of everyone that’s been giving you a hard time ever since you started working out or even eating healthy. Do you really want to prove them right?! I didn’t think so, so think of that one person who has completely given up and has no shame about being out of shape. They are constantly rubbing it in your face how much junk, sweets and fast food they eat and how much “they love food”…do it just to piss them off when they see how great you look!

9) Do you have an EX you just can’t stand? Need I say more? Get to the gym!

10) Finally, educate yourself. The best way to stay engaged and stay motivated long term is to regularly educate yourself on the subject matter you are trying to master. Get a new healthy cookbook, read articles on nutrition, read success stories of people who have transformed themselves, get a new workout book, subscribe to a fitness magazine, HECK EVEN BUY MY BOOK!! <——SHAMELESS PLUG =) The point is, we all know when we learn something new and interesting it makes us better at what we do and therefore keeps us on the right path!

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Happy exercising!!

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