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Take Out Again Tonight? Your Brain At Work- Excerpt From CH.2 of "You're Not Fat, You're Just Doing It Wrong"

Hello everyone and thanks for finding your way to my blog once again. In going over my final manuscript of my first e-book titled, “You’re Not Fat, You’re Just Doing it Wrong” I came across one of the more important concepts I believe you truly need to master in order to make a permanent lifestyle change for the better. It’s about your brain and how it’ programmed to pick  food to eat. Currently your programming probably sucks! Sorry just playing devil’s advocate! But seriously, every food choice up until now has led youto a state of physical fitness you are not happy with, so we need to change this. At the root of the problem is YOUR BRAIN and the choices its making for you; time to RE-PROGRAM that son-of-a-bitch! Enjoy this quick excerpt from my soon to be released E-book!


Your Brain at Work

Your brain has put together a list of food preferences that you retrieve completely subconsciously so you end up choosing what you’re in the mood for at the time without wasting any extra effort.  So, do you see what’s happening here? What you eat has become a routine decision making process for your brain in order to free up more time to think about other things. This is now an automated subconscious act going on in the back of your head. You’ve become so used to not having to consciously think about what you are going to eat that by trying to interrupt that automatic process it is actually more of a hassle.


Did You Know?

Automatic Processing is sort of like muscle memory. When you start to do something that you have done many times, and you can complete it successfully without giving it any thought, that’s automatic processing.


It can actually be disruptive to begin to think about the process once it has started automatically. If you have ever played the piano, or knitted a scarf, you know how your hands seem to move one way while your mind goes somewhere else. When you look back at your music or yarn, you might lose your place and stumble over the next steps, interrupting the automatic process.

Just think about what that statement means. You have “evolved” to a mental routine of making bad food choices so the very thought of just trying to eat healthy has become an uncomfortable annoyance that needs to be dealt with through deliberate mental effort. This is an uphill battle, for sure. Remember though, the light at the end of this tunnel is that you are going to reprogram your subconscious automatic processing to be geared towards eating fit, healthy and lean food! Eventually, that will become the easy way. You can do this; trust me!

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