The 11 Rules of Weight Loss (Fat Burning); NON-NEGOTIABLE

Transforming your body and essentially your life is no easy task. Chances are this is not the first time you’ve ever tried to lose weight(aka burn fat). If its not then your previous attempts may have looked something like this.

  1. The all cardio and no-strength training routine. You walk and run, walk

    and run AND walk and run until literally you’ve walked your butt-off. The problem with this is that since you neglected strength training, those muscle of yours, which are responsible for a healthy metabolism have also lost weight and now require less energy, therefore decreasing the amount of calories you burn at rest. This plan leads to a plateau every time. You won’t look any better either, just a softer, smaller version of yourself,
  2. The all diet and no exercise plan, or maybe not enough exercising. Enough of this fantasy of only exercising 20 minutes a day 3 times a week. That is not nearly enough and is a pipe dream sold by infomercials.  Countless studies and plenty of anecdotal evidence proves that for real changes to occur anywhere from 30-60 min a day 4 days a week is absolutely necessary.
  3. The all exercise and no diet plan. This may work for a bit like the first plan but you will plateau. Guaranteed.

Here are the definitive rules to burning fat consistently with minimal plateaus.

A complete FAT BURNING solution includes

  1. Strength training; 3 days a week minimum, the entire body must be trained. Ignoring any part of the body is foolish and incomplete.
  2. Cardio; 4 days a week minimum, both types of cardio must completed. This means high intensity and low intensity. For example one day power walk for 30 minutes, low intensity. The next day run a mile as fast as you can, high intensity. The next day do both, that’s called H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) for people who think they are fancy. For example run for 3 minutes walk for 2, repeat 6 times and there’s a half hour. Don’t forget to try and hit new top speeds each time you run. The point is to get faster.
  3. Nutrition (aka dieting) – Find out how many calories you are eating now and how much come from each macro nutrient. From there adjust to a basic 40/40/20 rule. Which means 40% of calories from protein, 40% from carbs and 20% from fat. For women start with a basic 1500 cal guideline. For Men start with 2000 cal. If you gain weight at first DO NOT PANIC, THIS MEANS YOU’VE BEEN UNDER EATING YOUR WHOLE LIFE WHICH EXPLAINS WHY YOUR METABOLISM SUCKS. ONCE YOUR BODY ADJUSTS TO THE CALORIES COMING IN YOUR WEIGHT GAIN WILL STOP. (YOU WONT GAIN MORE THAN 5 -10 LBS I PROMISE YOU THIS) The weight gain will be from muscle, you will look better instantly. Your metabolism will now start burning fat. From here on out its up to you to play with your macro nutrients, lower carbs and increase protein little by little until you find your perfect balance of energy, strength and leanness!
  4. Drink 1 gallon of water a day you a-holes!!!!!! for the love of God water literally helps you burn fat all day long, do it.
  5. Know what you’re eating the day before, this is called meal prep.
  6. Eat every 3-4hours
  7. Eat within 1 hr of waking up
  8. Keep eating every 3-4 hrs even if you’re going to bed soon, make it a zero carb meal half the size of a normal meal, this keeps your muscles fed.
  9. take a multi-vitamin ( this is where I tell you to consult a physician first)
  10. Do not take fat burners until you’ve lost weight from diet and exercise and know how to maintain a healthy bodyweight. fat burners are only for extreme “peaking” aka looking great for summer or for vacation. the effects only last while you take them. Once you stop taking them that extra 3-5 pounds of fat will come right back (yes this is probably the most fat loss you’ll get from a fat burner)


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