The 90/10 Rule of Fitness

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The 90/10 Rule of Fitness

You hear a lot of cliche's when it comes to fitness, exercise and dieting. Take for example;

"Abs are made in the kitchen"

"No pain no pain"

"Eat Clean Train Mean"

"Fitness is 100% Diet 100% Exercise" (insert any percentage you want there)

"Lose weight feel great!"

"Get strong not skinny!"

"It's a lifestyle, Not a diet!"

and so on and so forth. 

I could really go on and on, the variations are endless. So what does is it all mean! What in the actual f*** does the kitchen have to do with me getting abs!

Why does dieting suck so bad, and why no matter how hard I try, I simply just don't lose any weight!

Well my friend. I could give you the 170 page version answer or, break it down for you in what is ultimately true for everything in life.

Let's apply the 90% 10% rule to other areas of life first before we tackle fitness.

Chances are, if you are successful with work, money and finances, that 90% of your friends or network are too. Chances are you know a few people that always seem hopeless and no matter how hard they try, they are always struggling. That's 10% of your influence. You try to help them but general don't waste too much time or thought on them. It is what it is, no need to feel responsible.

If you are married, chances are 90% of your friends and network are married too. You have those friends that always struggle with relationships, but again, you don't let them consume your time.

If you love to talk about sports, politics or pop culture, chances are 90% of your free time is spent discussing, reading and posting about these things.

These things are no different than your fitness goals and desires to lose weight and stay in shape. The reality is, no one is 100% focused 100% of the time ALL THE TIME on those things they are good at, otherwise they would just be emotionless robots with no personalities! No, the real way it works is applying realistically the 90% rule from here on out to your fitness goals. 

Here's how to and here's what I mean.

FOOD - look at EVERYTHING you put into you mouth and analyze it. I don't care if its a single raisin or slice of toast or even ONE LITTLE COOKIE. F*** that cookie. Because it all counts towards your 100%. You need to realize and accept, that for the rest of your life, 90% of everything that goes into your mouth for fuel has to be, fresh,healthy and most likely prepared by you and you only, or someone personally that you trust like a spouse or significant other. 

FRIENDS - No sugar coating it here. If you have 90% of your friends fat and out of shape, then you are also fat and out of shape. Start changing your circle, don't say goodbye and don't explain why you cant make it to happy hour anymore. Just ghost their sorry asses and get to the gym or somewhere else related to fitness and start making some new friends. Up your social circle. Make sure that 90% of your friends are at least somewhat more fit than you are. Eventually you will keep only the closest of out of shape friends as your 10%

FREE TIME - No excuses here. Your "free time" is your workout and exercise time, at a minimum of 5 days a week, which isn't even 90% of the week, I'm being lenient here. You can easily find a workout partner or gym friend and discuss any topic you while you are training and pushing each other! Make that gym time count. 90% of that workout needs to be really challenging, and 90% of those workouts need to be planned ahead so you don't skip ever!

Eventually you will learn to apply the 90/10 rule to every aspect of your life getting in the way of your fitness goals until you realize out of nowhere, "Holy Shit, I'm in shape and its coming easy to me". And that's because you've mastered the 90/10 rule.

Obviously, there are ALOT more challenging scenarios, situations and reasons that might challenge your ability to apply 90/10 like nutritional knowledge and exercise knowledge. This is where reading and self educating comes into play. 

If you even liked this blog post a LITTLE bit, then I ask that you read my book and apply the 170 pages of information in there. You can personally email me the purchase confirmation at

So if you ever have any questions, I am always willing to answer no fees what so ever! 

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