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The Absolute Best Fat Burning Exercise Ever! But It's a Secret!

Imagine you just finished burning 1000-1500 calories, you’re dripping in sweat and loving every second of it. On top of that you know you’ll be burning fat like crazy the next 24-36 hours because that workout was so killer your body’s metabolism will be elevated just to recover from it! Do I have your attention now? Well good because I’m about to tell you the secret exercise right now!!! Ready?Here it comes….ITS THE ONE YOU LOVE TO DO! This is what none of the fitness experts or magazines want to admit…Chances are if you’ve been exercising just a little bit you’ve already found an exercise you like. Take that exercise and MASTER IT! It is better to MASTER ONE EXERCISE TO PERFECTION than to learn 100 different exercises and perform them with shitty form and effort.

In fact Bruce lee said it best, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

By performing over and over your favorite exercise to perfection and exceeding limitations you will reach new levels of fitness you never thought you were capable of. Are you following me here? No? Okay lets try an example.

Are kettlebell snatches your favorite? Are Side lunges your favorite? Is spinning your favorite? Are squats your favorite? Or how about just plain old running or planking or jump roping?

The idea is here take an exercise you already don’t mind doing, that is genuinely somewhat challenging for you. But since you kind of like doing them WE’RE GOING TO REALLY DO THEM. What we’re going to do is do this exercise for a whole hour! You heard me.

5minute warm up

45 minutes execution

10 min cool down and stretch

and there’s your hour. The point is here is to challenge yourself with each set to all out failure, or try to hit a new speed or new distance or new max weight or new max number of repetitions with this exercise. Your goal ONCE A WEEK will be to pick your favorite exercise and do it for an hour straight! write down all your best sets, times, runs, and/or lifts, and try to out do yourself! The joy will come from achieving a new personal best in some way shape or form. If speed isn’t working that day, go for distance and vice versa. If max weight isn’t working that day go for max reps.  The idea is to push your boundaries somewhere! Break a plateau somewhere! Find it and push it! You’ll see how quickly your intensity sky-rockets through the roof when you are deliberately trying to best yourself and how hard you are able to push!

Hit a new personal best every week, and if after  2 or 3 weeks nothing improves time to switch it up to another favorite exercise and attack that one for an hour!


Happy exercising!



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