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The Beauty of Pain– The Ultimate Source of Fat Burning Fuel

How does one find beauty in pain. How can we take something which causes discomfort or hurt and turn it around to our benefit.  Maybe a good place to start can be our very own lives. If you are reading this and are overweight, ask yourself, do you find beauty in your appearance? I know its a hard questions to ask but seriously ask it. You might answer no, deep  down inside you may really want, beyond anything else is to see a thinner and leaner person staring back at you in the mirror. But I tell you, this is not where you will see the beauty either. The beauty will come from that pain you feel right now! Emotionally, being overweight or out of shape has taken its toll on your confidence, happiness and job performance. The situation has to come to a head. You are at a point where this pain has become so front and center, it DEMANDS  a response!

What are you going to do! Now imagine taking FULL CONTROL, FULL OWNER SHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY of your daily routine, you MAKE THE TIME for exercise 5 days a week and you MAKE THE TIME to buy healthy groceries and cook fresh meals 7 days a week. The excuses have long been gone. THE PAIN HAS BECOME FUEL, THE FUEL WHICH HAS STARTED A FIRE. A FIRE THAT BURNS SO RED HOT THAT IT INCINERATES ANYTHING AROUND IT. Your pain has transformed you into a force of determination and will power. The people around you no longer recognize you and your friends and family are now asking you for exercise and diet advice….This my friend is beautiful, because now you can spread the joy of how you overcame your pain.

The take home message here friend is that if you are even a slightly bit unhappy with the way you look or have let yourself go then this is the time. Now is always the right time.  Do not let anything talk you out of it. The pain is there, seize it, control it, harness it, make it your fuel and make it do your bidding, for you are the master and the pain is your slave. Not the other way around!

The pain will also come in the form of muscle and body soreness. Embrace it. Welcome it. Become friends with the pain. Acknowledge that this pain is the pain of strength rising to the surface of your body. Fighting and clawing its way up through your dormant muscles and to the surface where it will awaken the fibers of your body,the connective tissues of your joints and stoke the fire of your metabolism.

If you don’t know where to begin that is ok. The easiest thing to do is just start with a walk, then a jog, then a run, then timing your miles and timing your 400meter(quarter mile) remember faster is better!

Buy a cook book full of healthy eating recipes, start there. I’m sure there’s an app for it.

And there you have it, buy a scale, start weighing yourself and let the journey unfold right in front of your eyes. You will become hungry for knowledge. I promise you!

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