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Ok folks here is a quick, easy and no doubt fun technique to try next time you go to the gym and workout. Or perhaps, you could even apply it in your everyday life at work, to further develop your fitness lifestyle. 

Its called, visualization. How do you see yourself? How do you identify your body? Who do you identify WITH? Is it Jamal who gets up every morning at runs 3 miles before starting his day? Or is it Bert, who shows up barely on time, most likely tie undone and has been "trying" to lose weight since you meet him. Which is probably longer  than you'd like to admit! BUT! Let's stay focused. 

By befriending Jamal, and realizing you can yourself doing something like, you are now physiologically changing your body, through the the control center of your mind! I'm dead serious, you are this freaking powerful!

You see the thing is tho, in order to see real changes in your body you have to be able to identify with Jamal not just once in a while, but CONSISTENTLY! Going from fat and tired to RIPPED AND READY at all times takes monumental mental discipline and consistency.

But here's a quick example to prove to you how effective the mind is at controlling the body at the cellular and chemical level.

Think of a recent romantic encounter, go over every detail and put yourself back in that moment. What just happened? Your heart probably sped up, you took a deeper breathe and your blood no doubt rushed to your face, lips and other areas and all from just thinking a for a few seconds of a scenario not actually even happening in the moment. This is because, for the brain and the mind, it is REAL. 

Another quick example, think of a person at work you absolutely hate talking to! You cant stand them, what now? Did you tighten up? Did your breathing become shorter and faster? Did you feel pressure and stress build up? Of course you did, this is stress, which you just physically manifested from thought. 

A quick reference to Dr. David Hamilton's website can expound more on this if you wish. He mentions the two examples referenced in better detail.

Now, with this knowledge at your disposal, remember this, you need to identify with the most FIT person you know at work, ask them what their routine is and see yourself doing your own version of it on daily basis, so you can be just like that person, but in your own way.

Another technique I LOVE to use true visualization/imagination at its best. Everyday, for the most part, when I walk into the gym, my mind shifts. I am no longer the corporate sales guy. That person is nowhere to be found, instead I am the animal, the machine, the biggest, strongest mother fucker to ever step foot into that gym. That floor is my domain, the people are my loyal subjects and the weights are mine to behold, master and exert my unmatched power and force!

Sounds crazy right? Good! Its supposed to, its imagination. But these images will conjure up very real responses of adrenaline, testosterone and energy to fuel my workouts to no end. 

Weight lifting might not be your thing, You could love cardio, circuits, kettlebells, trx, etc... whatever it may be, you HAVE to believe you are the absolute best there ever was and will be. No one that gym even comes close to you!

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Thank You!

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