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Hello everyone! I am very very VERY excited to finally have my full-fledged website/blog up and running! I know it is very bare bones right now and that’s ok! In the beginning it all starts with passion, drive, determination a good idea and an unwillingness to ever give up! Just like you! And your weight loss goals!

I have a simple yet HEFTY goal in mind. To help and educate as MANY people as I possibly can in the ways of an overall balanced and healthy lifestyle! Because here’s a little secret I’d like to share with everyone…I freaking love cheeseburgers, with bacon of course. I love pizza, I love ice cream, I love cheesecake and GOD do I love ice cold milk poured over a delicious bowl of cereal. Dear lord I could eat a whole box in one sitting if I really wanted to! And of course my absolute personal favorite, a massive rib-eye or sirloin steak at about 18-24 ounces will do with mashed or thick cut potatoes, brown gravy and a delicious bottle of red wine to go with it… now that’s heaven on a dinner plate.

So why am I sharing all this with you? To let you know that you can do it to. I found my balance. If you didn’t know me it sounds like I may have a weight issue here just based on all the food I’ve listed. But guess what? I don’t! In fact as much as I love all those foods I just listed, I actually don’t crave them EVERY SINGLE DAY. The truth is I am best satisfied during the week with reasonably healthy well portioned home cooked meals and the occasional dessert item. I am currently 6’0 roughly 230lbs and I have abs. This is because at a certain point in my life I made the decision I wanted to be able to enjoy food, and not have to feel guilty about it all the damn time. So I discovered weightlifting and amateur bodybuilding. But this was just my personal journey. Over the years I have trained and helped many people lose weight, keep it off and change their lives for the better. NONE became bodybuilders, but all became happier, healthier and leaner versions of themselves! So don’t worry about your muscles  getting too big from reading my blog, it doesn’t work that way.

Men and women alike of all ages, I invite you to follow, subscribe and just consider the topics I write about, rant about and rave about! I promise be truthful and helpful, with plenty of poor attempts at being funny! I will write about new fad diets and my take on them. New workouts and their effectiveness. Supplements, what’s bullshit and what’s not. And generally all things health and fitness!

So tip #001 from me its getting late, get your rest! anything less than 6-8 hrs of sleep a night has been shown to disrupt normal biorhythms and disrupts the body’s natural hormonal balance which WILL 100% lower your ability to burn fat and maintain a healthy weight! For a good quick and easy read on the research check out http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/obesity-prevention-source/obesity-causes/sleep-and-obesity/

Do it RIght! Get Your Sleep!

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