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Why Watching The Eagles And Falcons Just Derailed Your Diet

Why Watching the Eagles and Falcons Just Derailed Your Diet.


AH YES! Football season in full effect! Quite possibly every red blooded American’s favorite time of year. That time of year where we watch modern day gladiators do battle in the arena and push their bodies to the limits of physical punishment! But if you’re one of the 70% of Americans that has never pushed their bodies to any sort of physical limits then this is also the most dangerous time of year. There are 3 simple reason why, here they are.


  1. Monday Night Football
  2. Thursday Night Football
  3. Sunday Funday Football ALL DAMN DAY

Now if you’re like the majority of football fans, each one of these glorious days of clashing warriors is also filled with beer, pizza, wings, nachos, beer, more wings, and then more beer.

That’s a lot of calories 3 nights out of a 7 night week. Make that almost 4 since Sunday is all day. So let’s do a simple math problem. If you take the two nights you cheat, 2 meals, plus the all day cheating Sunday, 3 meals. That means that 5 meals out the 35 a week you said you were going to have are already cheat meals. EVERY WEEK. That’s 14% of the time you are back tracking and losing ground on your weight loss and fitness goals. Not a good way to spend the next 20 or so weeks is it? Add the fact that holidays are included in all of this how exactly can you even hope to stay on track? It’s pretty much hopeless right?                 YUP!!! So pack it in, throw on those sweats and fat jeans and embrace the 20lb gain!!! No? You don’t want to do that? Ok let’s go over some options.

  1. The Obsessed Fitness Freak – This is the “I don’t give a crap what people think I’m packing my meals and sticking to it cause I have the will of an iron horse and no one is stopping me from getting shredded” method. I sometimes adhere to this method and no doubt, it is 100% the most effective approach to hitting your results. It’s also the hardest one, you WILL have to hear shit from family and friends, and you WILL have to explain to everyone 1,000,000 fucking times why you brought your own food. No one will get it, just tell them you are diabetic and keep it moving…. NO DON’T ACTUALLY DO THAT. That was a joke, but you get the idea. The satisfaction though from knowing that you can literally command your cravings away is its own reward and somewhat of a high as you watch everyone else stuff their faces and get softer right in front of your eyes. Yes, it takes somewhat of an egotistical mindset. Or mastery of one-self, if that’s how you like to word it 
  2. The Social Cheater – This is usually the most well rounded approach, and taken by most people not getting ready for competitions or not obsessed with constantly being “shredded” year round. Perhaps you have lost some decent weight and are happy and you don’t want to backtrack. No problem, this is what you do. It takes some planning but very do-able. All you want to do is balance out the higher amount of calories you know you are going to eat and/or drink. Monday and Thursday night football make all your meals zero carbs that day leading up to the night time festivities. Once they have commenced, make sure you drink plenty of water. At least a full glass for every beer or slice of pizza, or burger, or couple of wings. This will keep you hydrated and full and prevent bloating as much as possible the following day. You made sure you drank your 3-4 liters earlier that day too right? For Sunday Funday all day blow out, you’re going to do fasted cardio Saturday morning, one carb meal post cardio and the rest of the day zero carb. Then wake up again Sunday morning before going to the bar and do fasted cardio one more time and chug at least 1 full liter of water before you start with your cheating. Stick to these guidelines and football season will not be your downfall!
  3. The “I’ll get back on track tomorrow dieter” or the “I had a salad for lunch” dieter- Give up all hope, you’re going to gain a ton of weight. Good luck burning it off after football season. My advice, buy my book as the scope of this article does not cover the necessary basics for you to understand why you don’t stand a chance. Yes that was rough, but so is the 20 lbs you’re about to gain. Tough love my friends.


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