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"You're Not Fat, You're Just Doing it Wrong

gabe transformation

To the left, you see the shy awkward overweight kid doing all the wrong things. To the right, you see the adult who has self taught themselves how to take matters into their own hands…and now I am taking it a step further. I want to teach others to do the same for themselves.

I am very pleased to announce that my recent conference call with the editor went well.

I have been working on self publishing a weightloss/self-help book over the last few months and things are moving along quite nicely.  The topic is living a healthy fit lifestyle. The genre it best fits under is self-help.

The plan for a December – January release date is still on schedule! Here’s to your new lifestyle and new body! My book will be your guide, your motivator and your starting point! After all its a lifelong commitment =)

Titled “You’re  Not Fat, You’re Just Doing it Wrong” , I call out a lot of the mistakes everyone makes when starting their journey and how it’s at first not their fault.  But I am very quick to hold you responsible! Because to quit just because you failed on your 1st or even 20th try is totally YOUR FAULT! AND UNACCEPTABLE!

But admitting you still want to keep pushing and keep going takes alot of heart and courage! With that you just need the right steps, the right plan and the right mindset and you will succeed!

I will help you do it right!  


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