DYNAPRO® Pull-up Bands / Power Resistance Bands

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Pull-up Bands/ Power Resistance Bands Designed for Durability

These resilient power resistance bands are made of natural rubber with 5 different color-coded resistance levels: Red (5-30 lbs); Black (10-60 lbs); Purple (30-80 lbs); Green (50-125 lbs); and Blue (70-170 lbs). You can use them singly, or combine multiple bands, or use them in conjunction with standard weight equipment to perform chest presses, bicep curls and overhead extensions. The unparalleled versatility of DYNAPRO Resistance Bands let you adapt squats, push-ups and upper body workoutsthat once required a gym and a workout partner for safety. These convenient fitness accessories let you enjoy Crossfit routines whenever and wherever you want to.


  • POWER RESISTANCE BANDSsold individually or as a set, provide a variety of resistance levels, ranging from 5 to 170 lbs. Strengthen and stretch every major muscle group in your body without burdening tendons, joints and bones.
  • COMPACT AND VERSATILEso you can keep your workouts on-track anywhere. No more relying on heavy, cumbersome equipment because DYNAPRO Resistance Bands fit discreetly in your briefcase or travel bag.
  • EASY TO USEin any commercial or home gym. Use them singly or together for physical therapy, strength training and core exercises. Enhance flexibility and stamina without learning complex new exercises.
  • SNAP-RESISTANTand eco-friendly natural rubber bands require no spotter. Perform horizontal chest press, biceps curls and overhead triceps extensions safely on your own, anytime and anywhere.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTYagainst manufacturer defects allows you to buy with confidence. If our Exercise Loops cease to perform as promised under normal use, return them for a full refund of your purchase price.