About Me

Hey guys thank you so much for finding your way to my site. I am very excited to have finally decided to move forward with my life’s dream of reaching as many people as I can and helping them with their weightloss or fitness goals.

Please bare with me as the site grows and I learn little by little how to master this whole online arena of blogging, web design and everything else that goes with it. But I promise you that with your support and consistency you will definitely get the results you want and I will definitely continue to improve the quality of the content brought to this page.

I want to simply start at the beginning. My name is Gabriel E. Perea.

I was born and raised in New Jersey and I wasn’t always the confident passionate person I am now. I grew up like any kid does playing the little league sports and going to class and doing my homework. I thought I was like everybody else until right around junior high and 9th grade.

You see this is where my life changed forever, setting forth the necessary chain of events to inspire me to put together this website in the first place.

Around the age of 12 I started gaining weight. Wasn’t sure why either, I just was. As the other boys grew taller and stronger I grew rounder and softer. To top it off I needed glasses and braces. Wow, talk about a rough hand! Anyway this continued on well into 15, now a freshman in high school,  the teasing had gotten bad. Getting picked on daily was the norm and being  an average to mediocre athlete just meant I got hazed on even worse by the seniors.

So how did I cope? Food…I loved food, everyday I would look forward to lunch, snacks, burger king right after school and sugary soda right after soccer and baseball practice. Then I’d go home and eat more food at dinner than both my parents combined. Mom said i was a “growing boy” Yes well she was somewhat right. After dinner was homework and I had to have something to munch on while I did that and usually before bed was a nice tall glass of chocolate milk. Now I know you may be thinking teenage boys will eat you out of house and home but this was non-stop everyday and I was visibly gaining fat. The foods I was eating were very poor sources of calories and nutrition and it was beginning to show.

Somehow, by some miracle, which I truly think it was, I became aware of all of this. I used to pray every night, “God, help me lose weight, I don’t know why I keep getting fatter when all the other kids aren’t”. This is how it all started.

Slowly little by little, I became a sponge. I was (and still am) Obsessed with nutrition, exercise and anything related to fitness. It makes me happy. The thought of discovering a new super food or exercise makes me feel like a kid at Christmas. At 15 going on 16 I started lifting weights, joined my first gym at 16, competed in my first bodybuilding competition at 20 and won the overall open NPC TRI-STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in 2009 as a light-heavyweight at 6’0 198lbs at the age of 26. Since then I still compete on and off whenever the bug bites me.

My true passion is evolving now. I want to give back. At 31 years old I spent my 20’s being obsessed with getting into the best possible shape I could! The time for all that has passed. My journey has given me the unique perspective and everyday real world experience to go from a shy overweight person, to a confident person passionate about fitness.

I want to help you with practical real world advice. No bull just common sense, no false advertising and no companies paying me to say I use their product. The info you see here will be every bit of knowledge I’ve gained from 16 years of applying exercise and nutrition info unto myself.  I spent 4 years of my professional career as a top 20 personal trainer for TSI Health Clubs in the northeast region of the United States, from 2009-2013. They employ over 1000 trainers at any given time. I’ve gathered valuable real-world experience training highly overworked professionals(lawyers, stock brokers, investors, doctors and commuters) who at 60-70hr  work weeks still found time to make fitness a priority in their lives. By working closely with them, I was able to see into the busy daily routine of these peoples’ lives and still give them solutions that worked for them.

I eventually will offer for sale fully written out effective workouts based on fundamental workout basics and principles based on research and trial and error that have stood the test of time.

Diets based on real nutritional science, not fads. And supplement advice based on real goal setting and not just whats trending or what’s popular now.  Just so you know I do balance a full-time outside b2b sales career with an S&P 500 company and I still have time to live the fit-life and run this website on my downtime =)

This balance can be yours too! I am here to show you the way. You’re not fat, you’re just doing it wrong.