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Beginning any exercise program can an overwhelming and confusing process.

What I have done is simply taken the simplest exercises any newbie should learn and put them together in an easy and simple to follow routine that when done consistently will get you results.

The focus here is to learn form and what it feels like to pick the correct weight so that you “fail” at the target number of reps.

Bringing the muscle to failure during the set is how then we actually stimulate the body to change and become FIT, AKA STRONGER, LEANER AND BETTER!

Failure for lack of a better term means that no matter how hard you push, no matter how much force you put into it, you simply cannot do another rep! Yea baby! No Pain, No Gain!

The warm up sets are done with a lighter weight but still enough to make you feel the muscle is working. It also prepares your motor control for moving the muscle through a specific range of motion.

Men's Total Body Beginner Routine

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Women's Total Body Beginner Routine

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