Victor Quezada

1st place open mens classic physique
For quite some time I have wanted to work with Gabe but the timing and other things barred me from asking him to be my coach. 
Nonetheless, it was always in the back of my mind. Finally I decided to move forward and give it a shot. He didn't disappoint. 
Any questions no matter when or what I had to ask he is there to answer them ALL! Takes time from his personal life sometimes to answer questions to his best knowledge. The closer it got to show time the more I harassed him but... There he was still answer what was asked. 
Gabe is a true professional and I still will work with him on improving my physique. It's only upwards from here! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, to the up most recommend him if you want to not necessarily have to compete bit just want to feel great and get into better shape with yourself. With all that comes a better lifestyle, different way of thinking. Your whole state of mind shifts for the better! I can't thank Gabe enough!